27 Desember 2010

Is it true that God exist?

I will try to tell a story that can be said article, which was narrated by one of my professors in class.
Get to the story, so like this. A customer arriving there in a barber shop to cut hair and trim brewoknya. Shortly thereafter, the barber started cutting hair customers. Without any purpose, begin to both engage in a conversation that warms ...!
They talked about many things not known ... for some reason ... all of a sudden it switched the subject to talk about the existence of God.

Barber said : "I do not believe that God exists."

Customer : "Why do you say that?!", replied the customer is shocked!

Barber said : "Well ... you just ahead, the streets ...", the barber suddenly fell silent. It was as if he was   thinking to explain where he had to start the conversation so that it can prove that God does not exist.
Customer : "Let me Make sure that if God does not exist." He said.

Barber said : "if God exists, are there people who are sick? Will there any children who are displaced? If God exists, then automatically there would be no sick people or distress. Really ... I can not imagine how God the Most Merciful that will let all this happen. "Thus the arguments put forward spicy barber to the customer.

[(Customers that too silent for a moment and those words really have a deep meaning for him, let alone the barber was holding a sharp razor and get ready to shave the sideburns that grow in abundance around his neck. In order to maintain concentration barber, the customer finally decides to be silent and not respond. After all, no sane customer who wants to make a skeptical mad barber in a position like that right ...?)]

As a result the customer decides not to argue dengannya.Sejurus later, the barber finally finish the job with a smile and the customer went away leaving the barber shop.

  However, not how long after he left that place ... all of a sudden the customer had seen someone on the street with long hair, wavy coarse, filthy, and sideboards are not shaved. That man really looks dirty and unkempt. After watching these people, the customer immediately decided to return to the barber shop where he menyukur hair.

  Once there, he immediately said to the barber,

Customer: "You know what? Actually, the barber does not exist! "he said.

  Barber was very surprised and felt insulted. Barber did not receive a greeting the customer, while he was shaving the hair of other customers. While sewaot, the barber said,

Barber said: "What do you say? You think I do not know how to shave yaa! How could you say that? It's my barber shop, and I am always here, and I am a barber. In fact not just shave my hair?! "So says the barber who had been annoyed by the word customer.

Customer: "No! Barbers do not exist. For if there were barbers, there would be no one whose hair was long, filthy, and sideboards are not neglected as the people I see out there ... "

Barber said: "Oh no! That's clearly not the reason! Because in fact, the barber is still there! "Sanggahnya. Then it adds another barber, "What you see is caused by their own fault ... Why do not they just come to me, "replied the barber as he defended himself.

Customer: "Perfect!" said the customer approved the words of the barber. Then the customer before adding: "That's the main point! Same case with God, God is also there.! But what happens ...? It was men who did not want to come to Him, and do not want to seek. Therefore many people are sick and stricken various distress in this world. because they themselves who do not seek God .. "

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