2 Januari 2011

knowledge of about the Hymen


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Is that the hymen?

Is a kind of thin membranes that surround the circle of young woman's vagina, usually located 2-3cm behind the vaginal opening. Hymen can be a variety of forms. The most common hymen is shaped like a half moon. This form allows blood to flow out from the vagina of a girl.

Here are the parts of the anatomy of the vagina:

There is clearly visible membrane form of Hymen or Dara.
Clitoris: Central stimulation, has a lot of nerve cells
Urethra: the disposal of urine (urine)
Vaginal: the disposal of menstrual blood
Hymen: The hymen virginity

[SIZE = "3"] The membrane Dara Virgin:

This is a perfect annular hymen. It is called annular because the hymen forms a ring around the vaginal opening. And membrane forms such as Dara who is called a virgin. Such membranes are usually still owned by a girl aged 13 years and under.

It is shaped crescentic hymen. Forming a crescent shape, like a half moon, above or (as in this case) below the vagina. Dara membrane shape like this can still be said Virgin

This is the hymen of a woman with sexual experience itself (internal) or is called masturbation. Note that the shape is not perfect as annular ring hymen. But once a girl who masturbate are still to be declared the Virgin, during masturbation was done by the girl herself, not with other people rock.

Dara membrane form that can be said no longer a virgin:

This is the hymen of a woman who has little sexual activity. May be because of sexual harassment or sex acts. And this usually happens the first time Dara impenetrable membrane. It could be argued that it is considered as not a virgin anymore.

This is the vulva of a woman who had given birth. The hymen is really missing, or maybe a little left. Clearly this was not a virgin anymore, but has Ma-Ma.

The pictures below Dara membrane is relatively virgin, but has several forms:

If what is called an imperforate hymen. A doctor will do surgery to make a hole in the hymen of baby girls who have a case like this.

Cribriform hymen This is a very rare, which is characterized by many small holes. This type of hymen lets menstrual and other fluids come out with no problem, but sexual activity and insert tampons can be problematic.

This is a rare denticula the hymen, so called because it looks like a set of teeth that surround the vagina.

This is a rare fimbriated hymen, with an irregular pattern around the vagina.

What is his name on the rare labia hymen.

Some girls are born with only a small hole in their hymen. Surgery is also needed for newborn babies is to create a larger vaginal opening.

Scarcity is called a septate hymen because the hymen is a piece that makes the septum, or bridge, across the vaginal opening.

Scarcity is called a septate hymen because the hymen is a piece that makes the septum, or bridge, across the hole vaIni is rare subseptate hymen, similar to the septate hymen only not making a bridge all the way across. Shaped like the throat is not it? [/ Spoiler] [/ CENTER]
This course is only known after the marriage. Surface girls who had sexual intercourse, seem inert (bruise), the door unclosed genitalia, a little bit tenuous. If the girl is still virgin, his cock always closed. Actually the lining of blood can be seen directly into the girl's genitals. When the shriveled genitals still means she was still a virgin.If the hole open a little mean girl is not virgin anymore. Consider the color of her genitals, pubic door if the surface purple, reddish means he is still sacred,however, if red color is faded out to be pale, meaning he was no longer sacred lagi.satu,usually when the first night, he is usually rather difficult to enter the penis (penis) it into the girl's genitals. The first time sexual intercourse with a girl who just broke his blood membrane is not satisfactory, because she was not comfortable with the blood that came out on the first night (habitual) and the pain in his cock. So he will not want to linger. To find the hymen is broken, please try your eyes to the forehead kosentrasikan your wife, if she means she furrowed in pain, but if he's faking it, relax ...If you try to test by looking at the hymen was not guaranteed because the thickness of the Hymen or membrane Dara every woman is different. So it is also possible there are cases like the girl who fell while playing the bicycle, and then because her hymen is thin and easily torn.There is also a supernatural sciences (with the help of the genie) who can restore the hymen. So I thinkthat virginity is a matter of honesty of the girl, did she ever have sex with men or not.

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