5 Januari 2011

Benefits and effects of a kiss

"Kissing is not cheap stuff, for me a kiss is a symbol of respect. In body and soul, to spill taste. A kiss is the bridge that conveys immense taste and language. A kiss is not just only. A kiss can be everything. And so do I menghasrati kiss, because I feel want to spill a lot of things about the taste that I'm really reluctant bahasakan with words. And with it, since the initial conference, we bahasakan with the language of the kiss. " [Says the author]


Kissing turns out to have effective power to resist a number of diseases.
Kiss Prevent Heart DiseaseA kiss in a long time have a positive benefit to the heart and blood peredaraan system. When someone kissing, the pulse will travel more quickly accelerated to 110 beats per minute. This condition is very good to train the heart.
Kiss Prevent Lung DiseaseAfter the kiss, the lungs will work hard and able to produce 60 breaths per minute. Under normal conditions, only 20 breaths. As the air ventilation system, the more breath of air exchange in the lungs even better. This condition is a good way to prevent lung disease.

Prevent Coral Kiss DentalSome dentists believe a kiss can prevent the formation of tartar. Kissing stimulates saliva production which can destroy the acid that coats the teeth.
Kissing Prevent StressA kiss is more than three minutes to help us fight stress. A kiss in a long time to stimulate a chemical reaction that could destroy the stress hormone.

Apparently the kiss not only makes the perpetrators, you and your partner seemed intoxicated, but also has some health benefits, wow! Many women who can assess accurately the continuation relationship with a man at the time of the first kiss. How come? Woman's intuition will tell whether the relationship will continue or not after tasting that first kiss. Does not make sense? Hey, this is, right intiusi .... Apparently the kiss also has many more positive benefits and create a deeper bond than sex. A good kiss involving the tongue and will affect the body's physiological processes that create a sense of comfort and happiness so strong inner contact can be established. This is due to the lips and mouth has a collection of sensitive nerve at most, even more than our nerves in the genital organ, loh! A kiss with a partner is also healthy body, it is said that the saliva that comes out while kissing will "wash" the teeth from bacteria that attach to and help break down plaque so as not to be formed. And French Kiss (which is our favorite, loh!) Also "mobilize" the heart and facial muscles so that it remains taut and youthful. A kiss may increase metabolism and help slimming as a kiss can burn two calories per minute and doubled the metabolism. Kissing also trigger the production of oxytocin that creates a sense of comfort and inner lead bonding. Oxytocin is most numerous in the breast nipple and encouraged to come out when stimulated with a kiss using the lips, tongue, and mouth. In general, a kiss can stimulate the brain to feel happy, sexual desire, and feeling comfortable. Well, with so many benefits of a kiss for us, what are you waiting? Happy kissing!!

In order not to be too confusing, it's good to know some unique and funny things about the kiss, which are summarized from various sources.
1. Kissing moving 29 facial muscles, in other words, with a kiss, you will be younger, because it prevents wrinkles on the face.
2. Couples who kiss each other to exchange substances such as fats, minerals, and proteins. This will encourage the manufacture of antibodies, which will be used to fight various diseases. So kiss it extra healthy!
3. 66 percent of couples close their eyes while kissing, while remaining very much enjoyed how emotions coursed through their partner's face.
4. According to U.S. statistics, a woman will kiss at least 80 men before marrying
5. Romantic kiss will burn 2-3 calories, while French Kiss will throw 5 calories, in other words, the more you kiss, the more calories you burn.
6. Lip sensitivity 200 times higher than your fingers
7. The man who kissed his wife before leaving for work, would have aged 5 years longer, while men who just closed the door was more likely to engage in road accident problem.
8. Passionate kissing for 90 seconds will raise blood pressure and increase heart rate. It also will increase the level of hormones in the blood, so it will add to the age of 1 minute! Want a long life? Often kiss ya!
9. French Kiss is a type of kiss called the 'bridge people', in this type of kiss, not just the lips moving, but the tongue too lho!
10. At the time of eskimo people meet each other, they are not just scrape the nose. At the nose met, the lips too open. At this time they will draw a deep breath and blow hard. In this way they will enjoy the aroma of each partner's body.
11. PDA (Public Display of Affection), including kissing, usually less acceptable in Japan, Taiwan, China and Korea. In Japan, before kissing, they must keep a distance, bowing to each other, did then kissing on the lips for a second!
12. Their bodies are kissing will produce a substance which has 200 times the strength of morphine. Because of this, those who kiss often feel happiness and ecstasy.
13. Kissing makes you relax and reduce stress!
14. Throughout his life, the average man spent two weeks to smooch
15. A kiss for one minute will spend 26 calories in your body!
16. 50% of people in this world, first felt the loving kiss under 14 years old!

Hopefully Helpful
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